Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boggled by Blogs for classroom?

Blog - have you been hearing the word for quite some time now and are contemplating setting up a classroom blog for your students? Blogs offer a unique opportunity for teachers to showcase their students' talents and the work being done at school. Students themselves find it very heartening to be on the web and start seeing the internet in a different light. The whole concept of blogs and their usage in classrooms gives pedagogy a whole new perspective - it is the door to 21st century learning!
Click here for an example.

Before you embark on your blogging journey with your students, you might want to spend a good chunk of time preparing for it. Some helpful tips for setting up a classroom blog can be found on this link:

This post takes you step by step into blogging and gives excellent suggestions on how to orient yourselves for the task ahead before taking the plunge!

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  1. Thanks for the link to my blog. I didn't know I'd written a winning post until I saw your comment! I'm glad that I've spent the time preparing before starting to blog with my students. The start of the class blog will be hectic enough with each student creating their own blog. I'm thankful I've learned so much in advance - hopeful that way I can stay one step ahead of them!