Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pod what? Casting what?

The term scared me off about a year ago and now I run Corliss Designs - my own podcasting blog with my students' work up! Technology is really advancing the world in leaps and bounds.

Podcasting is basically a way to publish self-created media on to the web for others to see. Usually, it is done through a blog created for that purpose. These days podcasting is classified as Audio Podcasting and Video Podcasting. Audio podcasts are limited to playback of sound recordings while video podcasting is usually done through putting pictures together and adding sound to it for the complete effect.

Some readily available softwares used for podcasting are:
  • Audacity: A free downloadable tool; very user-friendly; lets students record their voices in groups or individually. Parts of the recording can be deleted, amplified, faded in or out and modified in other cool ways. You can actually lift parts of the recording and place them where you want to get the free-flowing audio clip that you want. You will then be able to save it as MP3 and your clip is ready to be published on the web.
  • Microsoft Movie Maker: Comes by default in most computers; lets you insert pictures of student work (or pictures you wish to use in your podcast). Then you can record voices in a timeline frame in the background or add pre-recorded sound clips. Save in movie format (.wav) and your video podcast is ready!
  • Kidpix (if your school has access to it) also has a provision for slide shows with sound recording, which can then be imported in Quick Time format.

Really, if you have the will, you will do it. Cameras, voice recorders, cellphones - can all do the job if you think about it.

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